Palm Reading:Hand Shapes

Earth Hand

Palm Reading Earth Hand

Square Palm,Short fingers

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Earth signs of the Zodiac are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, and are noted for being hard workers that keep their feet firmly planted on the ground. These are usually extremely honest individuals who "tell it like it is." Like the bull, virgin and ram, which are the symbols of these signs, earth children are unlikely to compromise their own security or survival over the needs and interests of others.

The hand is strong and solid with square palms and strong, short fingers. They combine to provide an overall indication of the capable, diligent nature of the bearer. Skin is often ruddy, coarse and durable.

In some cases the dominant hand – the task-oriented hand of the individual – might reveal subtle differences in shape and refinement. This is because the passive hand holds the soul information: past lives, karmic influences and core values, while the dominant hand exhibits intentional activities of the present life. Those intentions might be directed toward developing new skills or in the extreme changing the inherent character of the individual. It is important to note the differences in order to understand whether the seeker is following their predetermined path or trying to strike out in a new direction.

In the case of the very strong and capable earth hand, intentional changes might include growing long, tapered fingernails for the seeker who wants to pursue a more artistic lifestyle or frequent exfoliation and moisturizing to change the very nature of the skin, which indicates a desire to better oneself and lead a more refined, less labor-intensive lifestyle.

For the earth sign criticism can be seen as a personal attack and they may dig in their heels to reject information that is contrary to their self-perception. Experienced readers will understand this aspect of the earth nature and will temper feedback to keep the tone supportive and straightforward. Earth signs value factual basics, so it’s important for the reader to develop a communication style that cuts through the fluff without cutting the seeker to the core.

Air Hand

Palm Reading Air Hand

Square Palm,Long fingers

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are all air signs and as with the other elemental hand shapes, their general hand shapes remain the same across gender and all age groups. Intellectual air signs are known for creativity, adaptability and the ability to visualize and implement innovative concepts far beyond the grasp of many of their more grounded counterparts.

The overall shape of the air sign’s hand is a square or rectangular palm with long fingers. Occasionally the knuckles will appear knobby – another sign of the deep thinker that values privacy. This might seem somewhat at odds with the typically gregarious nature of air dwellers, but these individuals learn to balance their need for social engagement and "alone-time" to suit the introspective times that may unexpectedly surface.

There is great diversity within the overall palm/finger combinations of the air hands, which seems to indicate that the individual is afforded a full bag of tricks at birth from which to determine their life path. As their interests and intellect develop their hand shape develops in response to the tools of their trade. The artistic air sign might develop long, capable fingers with the sensitivity to impart delicate perfection in artistic projects. The scholastic air sign might develop the knobby fingers of the philosopher, and the inventive air sign might develop the strong, powerful fingers of the craftsman.

"Logic over emotion" are generally the watchwords of the air sign. Just as many influences beyond those of the ruling planet impart the distinct particulars of the individual’s personality, the broad strokes of planetary influence can generally be relied upon more than 90% of the time. Likewise, these distinct planetary influences are reliably reinforced in the palm/finger combination, which should give the reader a sense of confidence in identifying the basic character and interests of the seeker.

Air signs do not suffer fools lightly, so palmists are well advised to avoid over-embellishment of the reading in an effort to impress the seeker with their knowledge and insight. Better to stick to the basics and follow the lead of the seeker. He or she will ask for more information when they’re ready, which helps to define the pace and direction of the reading.

Fire Hand

Palm Reading Fire Hand

Rectangular Palm,Short fingers

Leo, Aries and Sagittarius are all fire signs and they share commonalities in personality and physical makeup. The hand of the fire individual is distinctive: fingers that are shorter than the length of the palm from the wrist to the bottom of the fingers; a square or rectangular palm and a flushed appearance. The chronically busy, fluttery motions of the hands of fire individuals bring to mind the lapping flames of a roaring fire: constant, mesmerizing motion.

Fire elements do not appreciate sloth and tend to be almost chronically busy. They harbor deep passion for creative and intellectual pursuits, but may be frustrated by the minute details required to perfect their projects. The result is a number of almost-completed projects and a long list of reasons why it wasn’t worth the trouble to take them any further.

Many palmists make the mistake of locking the fire elements into non-creative categories due to the short, delicate fingers that top comparatively chunky palms. This should serve as a reminder to look to the details! The creative spirit of these passionate individuals often spurs development of artistic pursuits ranging from painting to pottery, from photography to food. Once they settle on a path they are relentless in their pursuit of perfection fanned by their desire for recognition.

One might not consider the fire element as particularly prone to parapsychology or psychism, but think of the introspective process of staring deeply into a roaring fire. One sees the layers of color and motion: from the lapping yellow flames to the stable orange heart of the fire to the white-hot core. This should be a reminder that the passion and determination of the fire sign becomes more apparent and charged with energy as one probes more deeply into their character. But wear gloves lest ye be burned!

Water Hand

Palm Reading Warer Hand

Rectangular Palm,Long fingers

Tread lightly when reading for the seeker with the Water Hand. Their sensitive nature might readily assign important interpretation to minute details of the reading far beyond the intention of the reader. Recognizing that one is reading for a water element gives the palmist the opportunity to open their mental thesaurus and choose their words carefully.

Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer are all water signs and are renowned for their natural “live and let live” personalities … unless crossed. A sharp rebuff can precede a chilly period of dismissal, and it might take time to get back into the good graces of the unintentionally offended water element.

Water hands generally reinforce the sensitive, emotional nature of these individuals: short to medium length oval palm and long, conical fingers. The water element has an engaging personality, quick, intelligent mind and is prone to being easily influenced to abandon or change a project or concept, leaving the individual at a complete loss of direction. It is this aspect of their personality that causes many water individuals to seek solid relationships with elemental counterparts who can help to sift through the copious ideas and opportunities presented to these dynamic individuals.

In the water hand the palm is slightly shorter than the length of the fingers, which are long and somewhat tapering. Intricate details tell the life direction that the seeker has chosen: artistic, intellectual, blue collar or organic, but the fluid nature of the water sign’s temperament may result in a number of confusing or conflicting developments that will need to be clarified through a series of questions.

Water signs tend to maintain strong connections to past lives and the spiritual world, so the passive hand can be a valuable tool in assessing the progress on the soul path of the seeker. In general, the water element client will appreciate consideration of past life influences on their present life considerations, so the well-versed palmist will thoroughly assess the quiet messages of the passive palm in the reading.

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